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Free activation for trying HotShift version 4 preview Download Preview Updated May 27, 2007

Original Setup program had problems. See Oops

HotShift 4 is an all-new browser-based Shift calendar program. (not yet released) Download Preview Updated May 27, 2007                                                                             

All Shift Calendars are web pages using pure html code for static calendars and javascript code for dynamic calendars.

Optional PDF Calendars may be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download.

HotShift 4 is trialware which is available as a free download which may then be installed on the User's Windows PC.

The user may try the software for a designated period of time before deciding to purchase a license for the continued use of the software.

In no circumstance should the user purchase the software without first taking advantage of the trial period to determine if the software fits the needs of the user and performs to the user's satisfaction.

  • If you installed an earlier preview version of hotshift4, uninstall hotshift4 with control panel, search hard drive for hotshift4.exe and delete hotshift4.exe. Install latest download of hotshift4. More Info
  • If you provide useful feedback while testing this beta version, I will send you a free key for 1 machine. feedback email

Download preview version of HotShift 4 Updated May 27, 2007