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Download HotShift v.3.29.992 (updated Jan 11, 2005)   HotShift version 4.0 Preview

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are approximate.

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To download an .exe file, click the link, when the download window opens choose save then open. 

Full Downloads HotShift v.3.29

Format:  .exe (self executing zip 3.40 mb).
Download hscal.exe  v3.29.99 Last updated: Jan 11,2005.

Format: .zip  ( zip 3.40 mb).
Download  v3.29.99 Last updated: Jan 11,2005.

Download from Winsite v3.29.99

Download .exe (3.4 mb)
Last updated: Jan 14, 2005.

File Formats

.exe    Self-extracting zip file
.msi  	Windows Installer package
.zip    Windows archive file
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HotShift version 4.0  Preview

HotShift4 Introduction

Download HotShift4 Preview (beta version) Updated May 27, 2007

Download Windows Installer

Windows Installer is required to install HotShift. Windows 2000 and XP contain Windows Installer. Windows 95 98 and Me systems may not have Windows Installer. If your system does not have an updated Windows Installer, download an upgrade. (details)

Download Windows Installer      Format: .exe (1670 kb)

Upgrade Windows installer for Windows 2000

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