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Portraits in Pencil by Brenda Landis
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HotShift Calendar is a desktop calendar application with tools for creating web calendars and printed calendars for fire fighters and other workers with a rotating platoon type schedule.    Download Version 3.29.99 Now

Last update: Jan. 11, 2005

Printable Year Calendar

Put a calendar like this on your own web page, it's easy and automatic. 

This web calendar was created by HotShift. Html and JavaScript code is automatically generated to create several styles of web calendars.

Print your own calendars Up to 54 months on one page. Pocket size calendar option.

Desktop calendar for quick reference.

EFD Printable Year Calendar

Download 30-day free trial version 3.29 Calendars produced during the free-trial period do not expire.

A free barebones program for Vista - HotShift Free Updated March 30, 2009

Download HotShift Free    Help file with screen shots

Portraits in Pencil by Brenda Landis


You may obtain technical support by e-mail.