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The first setup program installed hotshift4.exe as a shared file. Using windows control panel to uninstall does not remove hotshift4.exe. This problem only exists for a few of the first HotShift4 beta programs downloaded from this site. If your HotShift4 program does not have a help file, then the latest version of hotshift4.exe is not running.

The hotshift4 setup program had some problems.

Tried to use the Setup program that came with Visual Studio service pack 6 (big mistake)

Only a few programs with the problem were ever downloaded.

HotShift4 changed from setup program to Windows Installer May 19. 2007

To get the latest version of HotShift4 beta follow these steps.

1. Open Windows Control Panel.

2. If HotShift4 beta is listed, remove it.

3. Open Windows Explorer.

4. Search you hard drives for hotshift4.exe, if found delete all instances of the file.

5.Search your Windows folder and subfolders for Setup.exe and Setup1.lst, if found rename all instances of the files by adding an exclamation mark to the filename. If no problems occur after using the system for a while, delete these files. more

6. Download and run HotShift4 beta preview.

Download preview version of HotShift 4 Updated May 27, 2007