Bug Fixes
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August 02,2007 Problems encountered installing msxml.dll. Updated to msxml4 Service Pack 2.

I do not know if Vista will have problems with this modification as of this date.

Vista uses msxml 6. The HotShift program works fine using msxml 6, but there is no module provided to allow for installation. Msxml 4 is used becuse of installer.

A special merge module provided by MS is used to install mxxml 4.


July 31, 2007 Access to the sample schedules file has been added. Previously the program would check to see if the users folder contained a schedule list. If not, the sample schedule file was installed in the users folder. It was a one-time thing. The user could delete or change any of the schedules at will. The problem was that if a user requested a schedule in the sample list and it was added to the latest download file, it would not show up in the user's list. The sample file can now be accessed but not easily modified. A schedule can be selected from the sample list and then saved to the user's list.

Some menu items would generate a run-time error if no page was open in the browser window, Steps were taken to fix this and I hope nothing was missed.