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If you are a paid subscriber to Tripod web hosting then you have access to a daily traffic report.

I found myself in the habit of searching through my traffic report each morning to see if certain files had been downloaded and counting the number of downloads.

Some downloads were split downloads and appeared in the report several times but really were only one download.

I wrote some code in Visual Basic to automate and ease this task. Download Tracker is the result of this effort.

Screen Shot

Download Tracker is the exact code I wrote for my own use. It does not connect to the internet (It does open your browser to the traffic report web page) or contain any adware spyware or any code other than that used to search through the text of the Tripod traffic report.

The Tripod traffic report is simply copied into the Windows clipboard and the pasted into a textbox in the Download Tracker. As soon as the text is received the search and count is activated.

Download Tracker is entirely free and never expires. It's limitation is only in it's functionality, which is that it may not be useful except in searching Tripod traffic reports. contains dltrack.msi which is a Windows installer file. If you do not have Windows Installer more info

Download Now 3.2 MB