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The file (email format used by Subframe)  containing the hotshift.vpl file or the actual hotshift.vpl file (email format used by V-Share)  should be copied to one or more floppy disks or other removeable media and kept in a secure location.

The hotshift.vpl file must be saved into the same folder as hotshift.exe which we will call the application folder. 

In a typical install The application folder would be \Program Files\Hotshift

You may do a Search for hotshift.exe to determine the true location of the application. The original hotshift.vpl file will also exist in this folder and will be replaced.

Be sure that HotShift is closed, there should be no Icon showing in the Tray or Taskbar.

Copy hotshift.vpl into the application folder. Overwrite the original hotshift.vpl file. Optional rename file hotshift.vplr

Remember to keep the and/or hotshift.vpl for future registration needs.

Disregard following, V-Share discontinued business Jan 01,2005

If you have purchased a HotShift registration from V-Share they will have a record of the transaction. If your registration has been sent directly from the author, V-Share will have no record of the registration.