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Schedule Step 3
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Below is a screen shot of the Schedule Designer Form.

Step 3:

This is a part of the schedule that is confusing to some users. The "Rotation Length" refers to the number of days that elapse until the recurrence of a particular day in the work cycle. Example: "ACABABCBC"  Is a 9-day rotation or cycle with 3 platoons having a 4-day break. The recurrence of the 4-day break occurs every 9 days.

The drop-down list marked "Max Days Off" is an optional step. It simply triggers a list of suggested rotations that have the correct number of platoons and x number of days off (maximum days off in one cycle).

Selecting a rotation (optional) which appears to match your own rotation will provide a shortcut in completing Step 4,

Remember this step only requires selection of the correct "Rotation Length", but accuracy is critical.

Proceed to Step 4