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Be careful while reading health books, you might die of a misprint. -- Mark Twain

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Stay Lean Enterprises

The Power Store

The Fitness Jumpsite

Health Surfing

American Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilding


Absolute Truth Hardcore Bodybuilding

Controversial Bodybuilding Site

Everything for the serious bodybuilder .

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American Bodybuilding Official home of bodybuilding in America.

Anthony Clark and the Warriors

Apollo Bodybuilding and Fitness Center Free Ultimate Muscle Mass on-line Newsletter just for visiting this site. This is the best Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter on the web. Plus, you'll find Training Programs, Special Reports, on-line Ultimate Muscle Magazine, the Bodybuilding Bookstore, and our Discount Supplement Shop for all your training needs.

Applied Sports Performance

Australian Muscle

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc. Bill Pearl is a 5-time Mr. Universe and Mr. America.

Body Trends Health & Fitness  Quality fitness, exercise and health products.

Bodybuilding A comprehensive collection of bodybuilding, weightlifting, and fitness sites

Carla Dunlap's Mind & Body

Clarence Bass: Bodybuilding & Fitness Home Page  Combining weights, aerobics and sound nutrition.

Crain's Muscle World, Limited Powerlifting, Weighting and Strength Training Products... Supplements, Power Gear, Belts, Suits, Wraps, Books, T-Shirts, Equipment, Specialty Deadlift and Squat Bars, etc..

Edge Fitness Learn about how your body works.

Faith Sloan's Bodybuilding Site Sharing information.

Female Bodybuilder's Page This page is dedicated to amateur and professional female bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters, and many other athletic women. The Official by... Lori Victoria Braun 'The Original Female Muscle Line'. Female Bodybuilding & Fitness. Female wrestlers contacts on the web. All Free Pictures and Stories. Free JAVA female muscle Chat room.

FitTeen! FitTeen is a site dedicated to giving teenagers their own source for health and fitness info., allowing them to learn and ask questions from a certified personal trainer, and to be inspired by each other in a pursuit of health and fitness!

Joe Weider Olympia Videos The official site offering Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, and Fitness Olympia contest videos for sale.

John Wood Jr 97' JRUSA Runner Up

Jungle Gym's This ain't no playground, wimp-boy! It's Jungle Gym's! Featuring, Body-building tips and techniques, nutrition facts, links, shirts, books and the site even has a Japanese translation!

Larry Collins

Leo Ingram Military Muscle

Nathalie Gassel, Writer and athlete

Natural Muscle Total Fitness Pro Shop Bodybuilding supplements and fitness products from over 50 top manufacturers. Huge Selection, great prices, fast delivery and secure online ordering.

O.P.T.I. Sports & Fitness Clinic

Rhino Gear Weightlifting and bodybuilding apparel for the body builder, exercise enthusiast or if you just want to lay around in something comfortable with a cool logo.

Robin Parker's Physical Culture Physical Culture, home page of Robin Parker, is a modeling agency/video company comprised of national level and professional female bodybuilders.

Serious Athletes & Coaches Only

SportStrength “Dr. Squat” Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D., MSS - World Champion Powerlifter. The mission of SPORTSTRENGTH™ is to manufacture and market strength training equipment that is designed specifically for athletes' needs.

Stacey's Fitness Site A great web site dedicated to fitness with information on training, Masterclasses, choreography, fitness tips, message board for great interaction and dates on specific courses within the UK.

Starting out in bodybuilding Covers all aspects of bodybuilding: sets, reps, diet, nutrition, supplementation, overtraining, female bodybuilding, routines, tempo, exercises, training logs, rest periods, stretching, and more. If it doesn't cover topic in detail, inline links to sites that do. Healthy, Lean, and Muscular! The Internet's Fitness Mecca featuring the largest queryable online nutritional food count database, searchable fitness directory w/ gyms from the entire US, fitness and nutrition tips of the day, bodybuilding info, recipes, chat room, discussion groups, and many features for fitness site webmasters!

SuperDave's Teen Bodybuilding and Fitness Site for Teen Bodybuilders and for all Future Arnolds and Bill Pearls.

Teen Body-Building Texas APA Texas chapter of the American Powerlifting Association. Includes: upcoming meets, meet results, records, rules, and lots of training articles.

The Art of Bodybuilding and Fitness A Personal Bodybuilding and Fitness page. You will find lots of Info about supplements, creatine, GHB, mm. Read about Arnold Schwartzenegger, Susie Curry ( the fitness champ ), and more! And a great site for BB and Fitness links!

The Bodybuilding & Fitness Authorities! Body Works is your online source for bodybuilding, dietary, and nutritional supplements. We sell wholesale to the public! Visit our informative site full of fitness FACT not fiction. Are you tired of all the contradictions? Time to get turned on to Body Works - No Hype, Just Results!

The Iron Dungeon

The Official Ken Patera Web Site! This site is for my fans as well as for myself. I wanted a forum for my fans to reach me and keep up with what I am doing now as well as learn more about my past. I also want to share my knowledge and experience with the lifting world. The Internet was the obvious forum for these goals.

The Power Athletic Club

The Pumping Station This site was put together so you can teach yourself the proper way to exercise. Whether your a beginner, intermediate, or advanced weight lifter you can make use of the chart's to make sure you don't over-train or under-train. This is not just a place to build but to learn how get healthy by using the proper techniques. There are principles described that everyone who workouts with weights should know.

The Truly Huge Page This page is devoted to drug-free trainees (with or without good genetics for bodybuilding or weightlifting), and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.

Total Fitness Guide National/Global Directory of Personal Fitness Trainers and Massage Therapists. Fitness Tips and Fitness Apparel also.

Total Fitness Resource This site contains illustrated training information, quick time videos, nutrition information, a media review section, bodybuilding tips, and a photo gallery.

Training with Dr. Fred Hatfield - Dr. Squat

WeightsNet WeightsNet is a resource for people who workout with weights for bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, sports, and more.

Mickey's Bodybuilding Links

Mesomorphosis Bodybuilding & Fitness Mesomorphosis is a bi-weekly internet publication providing scientifically-based articles about body building so that people can make informed decisions about training, nutrition, and supplementation.

N.A.B.F. - North American Bodybuilding Federation The North American Bodybuilding Federation.

Ed Corney Still competing at the age of 64.

Mr. Todd Elliott A veteran natural professional bodybuilder, Todd has been competing since 1987. He is the holder of many regional and national titles, including both the ABCC Mr. America and ABCC Los Angeles in 1992.

Fitnessentials Online

FitnessLink - The Health and Fitness Source! Welcome to FitnessLink, the Health and Fitness Source! Whether you're an exercise enthusiast, a fitness professional, or a "newbie" to fitness, FitnessLink provides the resources you need to get fit and stay fit!

HealthCheck Fitness Systems

Kathy Meters Fitness My fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting resume, training and nutrition, photos and book references, and sharing experiences in competition.

Motivation Fitness

Beverly International Nutrition

Cabel's Fitness F/X Fitness F/X is a continually growing information place pertaining to all aspects of the health and fitness lifestyle, dedicated to the pursuit of a better body through weight training and modern nutrition.

Franco's Individualized Training (F.I.T.) A personal training service dedicated to all ages and fitness levels. The page offers fitness information for the beginner to the advanced weight trainer. A monthly newsletter and work out programs are also listed monthly.

Joe Franco - Personal Trainer This site is dedicated to fitness, body building and nutrition.

Stay Lean Enterprises Fitness Training & Nutritional Guidance

Diesel Power Forum