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Jack, this is just done in the original calendar. It must be toggled from day kellys to night kellys. I can redesign the desktop calendars to show both.

This has been a lot of work because all the calculations had to be redone because the limit was 1-9 shifts kellys or any item for a given day.

As you can see you may select any kelly number for a given shift and have it filtered or grayed out. You can also filter out an entire shift.

I have made a new schedule designer that can easily create schedules like this. The only difficulty is in determining the correct length of each cycle. In this case it is just a 21 day shift cycle X  14 kelly days = 294 day kelly cycle.

To help in entering such a long kelly cycle I have included an audit button that will count the shifts and tell you if you have an equal number of kelly days or shifts in each cycle.

I still have to redo the printing and web calendars to accommodate these kelly days.